What is Conductive Education ?

A rehabilitation strategy for anyone with a physical disability.

Conductive Education (CE) is an intensive approach to education, training and development for children and adults with motor disabilities, especially cerebral palsy. It teaches them to learn to achieve their optimal independence in movements, upright posture, self-care skills, communication and socialisation.

It is an holistic approach that focuses on the whole person, integrating motor skills with cognitive and emotional skill development in a group setting.

It calls for active participation from the child by enthusiastic motivation and building self-esteem through successful activities.

The emphasis is on active learning, not treatment.

What Is Conductive Education SA (CESA)

Conductive Education SA exists to lead the provision of services and programs for people with neurological disorders based on a model of Conductive Education (CE).

Conductive Education SA –

  • Acts as an advocacy group to increase the current programs for children within the education system.
  • Seeks the expansion of services to all people with neurological disorders
  • Raises funds to provide CE services and programs as well as providing equipment to ensure active participation.
  • Was incorporated in 1991 and received charitable status in 2000.